Formed in 1996, Purple Haze has been singin', dancin' and lovin' for almost twenty years! Completely run by students, we rehearse on a weekly basis and put on a killer show every quarter. In the fall, we invite other groups from nearby colleges to perform in our Best of the Midwest concert. In the winter, we combine a cappella with games and improv for Too Much A Cappella Makes the Baby Go Deaf, based on the Neo-Futurists' popular Chicago show. And in the spring, we devise a new script to go with our songs and a theme of our choosing.

Aside from campus shows, Purple Haze also performs throughout the Chicagoland area at events and school workshops. Purple Haze has released nine studio albums, with many songs recognized on national a cappella compilation CDs. Mouth Off, an a cappella podcast, called us “the best you’re going to hear out of the whole midwestern United States” and “the group that everyone wants to party with!” Our music is available on iTunes and Spotify!

Purple Haze goes on tour every year, alternating between domestic and international trips. This winter, we headed to Amsterdam, Netherlands! Past tours also include Los Angeles, Dublin, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. We compete biennially in the International Championship of Collegiate a cappella, making it to the ICCA Semifinals in 2016! But most importantly, Purple Haze is a group of friends who love to sing together!

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